Flipping through the pages of school books,
Recollecting those golden days of having fun;
I found my graduation certificate – well preserved,
A batch we have for being Educated!

Then a silent conversation rose:
The flipped papers buzzed at my degree,
Spotting the engineers, doctors, actors, civilians…
And every individual who claims to be Educated!

The black ink sketching the history,
Singing the barbarity over women whispered:
I traversed you through the past,
Not to pursue it , rather not to Repeat it!

The blue lines with the brown borders,
Splashing the view of the globe,
Rippled the purpose of it,
To unite as a World and not to divide with every Word!

The game of numbers put the dice on,
Telling that logistics was taught –
To live the life of optimism,
Subtracting the nature of caste, creed and other separation.

The books whooped,
“Education is not just having knowledge!
Education is the flag to justify what is right,
Classifying against the myths that portray as Right!”

The wind blew and the pages uttered,
“Don’t classify yourself as educated-
Unless you give a women her freedom to live on her own,
Unless you rise up in every Sunrise to live for Humanity,
Unless you have Human as ONE religion,
Unless you have Earth as ONE place,
Unless you have Education to Educate!”