Growing up listening to regional folks,
A song one such- dealt with story of truth!
The title told PUNYAKOTI and few lines explaining-

“Truth is my mom!
Truth is my dad!
If you walk ditching truth- Your creator wouldn’t like it”

Wonderful song it is!

What is truth and what is lie???

God- someone or something that u purely believe at!
For scientists it’s their science!
For some it’s almighty!
And for few others it’s just their closed ones!

For few Love is an emotion,
For others it’s life!
Some work to conquer their dreams,
Someone else is still struggling to fill up empty tummies!

“Follow your passion…
Live your life!”:
Not all can follow it!
And who don’t follow it- neither want to avoid it!

It’s just the game of perception friends,
TRUTH coming out of prism,
Getting diverted by various situations;
But every ray having its own color,
Every life having its own story!!