In a little kingdom of her own,
Lies every little princess,
Managing to grow her wings,
To make her dreams fly!

The kingdom that is built on glass,
Transparent and easy to be broken!
Little did she know the world around called ‘SOCIETY’
Has already tagged her with uncommitted rules!!

Amidst the torn and scattered wings,
We still find some wings flying across the sky,
Wide open spreading the smiles,
All across the world: TO BUILD A NEW WORLD

Salute to those who let these wings fly,
Who never judged them for being in a relationship,
Who let them choose their love of years over a guy who is hardly known,
Who shut the mouth of society rather than daughter of their own!

Kudos people for making your women fly,
For not pushing her into the prison of new family,
For not dumping her dreams in dustbins,
And for not deciding her INNOCENCE by her SILENCE!

fairy 1

Sunita Williams,Arunima Sinha,Reita Faria, and the list goes on..
These wonderful women had their wings open!
An applaud to the supporting hands behind,
Who show the world that: NOT ALL WINGS ARE STOLEN!

See the world through their eyes, you will find it beautiful…
Thanks to Misbah, my friend for suggesting me such wonderful topic:)