Sun sets to RISE again!

Time travels isn’t it?
And we keep travelling along!
So, why not take some pause,
Catch the flight of memories and travel back to PAST!

Lets go watch the time:
When we struggled to take our first step.
Failing in exam was a horror!!
Sometimes not getting the Topper batch was a defeat!
Farewells scared us of loosing friends,
Not cracking a job seemed end of world,
Breakups gave us thoughts of ending life!

We stood up after falling again and again,
And kudos we have walked so far!

Looking back at exams: We now laugh!
Remembering those old friends: A smile glows,
Taking us to those amazing crazy days!
The job that we couldn’t crack:
We now know how to crack million others!

Sailing in the boat of defeat at present?
Crumbled under the situation of loosing closed ones?
Or any situation that is bothering you,
Just recall the day when your legs trembled to stand, but you woke up and started again!
Here you are 🙂

Every step has failure or success,
We rise when its success,
We fall when its failure!
Never FAIL to know: That we fall to RISE!!


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