The fluid that once was a part of life,
Flooded over the ground,
Carrying so many unanswered questions!
Shedding all over the floor, across the corners, around the globe!

The narrow veins that once carried it,
Are now dead!
Holding their breath they survived life long,
But now, they are at relief!

It was a family as that of ours,
Fun! Care! Arguments! Fights! And lots of Love..
It had thunders and light storms at times,
Also the days of brightness and rain of smiles!

The jaws had dropped to tell they are aged,
The little finger that once carried their hand,
Has now grown up to stand on its own!

The trembling fingers lost the strength,
Among the walls of old age home,
Did they hold their breath,
Waiting for the walls to speak, as their kids!

The breath stopped,
The silver line of hope broke down,
The burnt blood buried inside,
Flew all the way silently – whispering:Son! God Bless You!