That killing look facing the spotlights,
Chasing a million hearts flawlessly!
The ramp, the beauty and the magical smile!
Has it got to tell anything behind?

Those torn clothes,
Hardened feet with mud filled palms,
Young face, wrinkled with marks;
Sad face but still a smile behind?

It’s a mixture of black and white dear friends,
Horizon is what I term “perfection”,
In our lives which is full of evolution!

Evolve! Learn! Fall! Gain! Loose and still WIN!

A dad without penny,
Buys his son all the smiles with his magical tricks,
Yet a millionaire,
Has no time for his child!

It’s not PERFECT,
Nor something that has DEFECT!
It’s a world with many affects,
Mould it, Live it, Enjoy IT!

Happy Living Beautiful souls…:)