Child opening a magic gift box with lights and shining around

Those little story books,

Taking us to the world of magic,

Having made our jaws fall down,

Always making us feel to have a magic stick of our own!


The magic which could do anything,

Could be Flying in the sky with magic carpet,

Or making our favorite thing come live with magic pencil,

Also of having an angel fulfilling all our supreme wishes!


A wish to become invisible and tickle our bestie,

Or sometimes  to jump across  the universe,

Wish of Owning all things we wish for seemed fun!

And some unique wishes to get world of happiness!


My dear beautiful hearts,

Now you feel the reality of not having any magic?


Surprise!! Surprise!!


When you are lost in your thoughts,

An angel reminds the best in YOU!

Most of the times while struggling to find our things,

A magic stick rolls up and we get the thing right in hand!


All our tears get faded away,

As soon as we are on her laps!

And the difficulties dancing in front,

Vanishes spreading happiness when she is around!


Mom, Amma , mummy all that I call her!

Yup she makes me believe in magic!

So how about your magic?

Do comment!