Reading the amazing poem by Tagore sir which said:
“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”
I always grew up thinking ,
If i am true , i have no reason to fear!

Well, its not always a happy ending,
And now i fear being a girl!
‘JUSTICE FOR ASIFA’ slogans everywhere,
Candle light marches in every major city!
A great speech by notable ministers;
And a fb and twitter post having hundreds of likes!

A new sunrise is not getting new rays of hope,
Rather its swiping out all the crimes done in dark!
Yesterday it was Nirbhaya,
Today its Asifa!
And tomorrow its gonna be who?

Was that innocent 8 year kid worth it?
Who now cares what her dreams were?
Infact we aren’t aware of the buried stories under the storm,
The unsaid words done by an unclosed eye!

Lets not change our DP’s,
Rather change our minds!
Females are not any materials to look at,
Nor are males any owners of it!

Educate people at the right time,
Sow your seeds right,
Trees when raise , shelter hundreds of people,
But the same when falls, destructs the same people.

All girls out there,
Dont be happy that you are safe today,
Because Independence is a dream,
Which is still far away!